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Windows IP65 Tablet

Is a semi-rugged tablet designed for on-site mobile service workers, logistics, retail and service industries.

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Windows IP65 tablet(T16)

1).The T16's on-screen application reduces the amount of sunlight that can be reflected and combined with the anti-reflective coating on the surface glass, the T16 produces exceptionally high contrast even in direct sunlight.

2).Thoroughly beautiful, thin, strong features,T16 specially designed with drop-proof, crash, spill-proof, shockproof and other functions.

3).Stands at 120 cm height drop test. Coupled with IP65 dust and water resistance, T16 become the most cost-effective semi-rugged tablet ever.


Windows IP65 tablet.png

Windows IP65 tablet.png

Windows IP65 tablet 1.png



Q :What's the network communication of this tablet?

A:We are using latest 4G technology on it,it can be used different frequency for different region.


Q:Is this Windows Tablet suitable for outdoor using??

A:T16 is IP65 rugged,it can be used in rough environment.


Q:Is T16 OS optional?

A:Yes,it can be operated as Windows or Android.

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