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Rough Windows Tablet

Suitable for any industry which needs completely dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, resistant to extreme temperatures, harsh environments, heroic qualities.

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Rough Windows tablet(T16)

1).8-inch high-brightness display,Outdoor glare clearly visible.

2).T18 display resolution up to 1280 * 800, filter blue glare, outdoor glare under visual.

3).The third-generation Corning gorilla glass delivers 40% more power than previous generations, delivering unmatched resistance to damage. Exclusive screen design, water and gloves can still operate.


Rough Windows tablet.png

Rough Windows tablet2.png

Rough Windows tablet4.png



Q :What's the weight of this Tablet?

A:Nake device is 630g with battery,and 1330g with packing box and accessories.


Q:Which size can you provide for this type of tablet?

A:We can provide 8inch and 10inch as option,8inch is T18,and 10 inch is T16.The design of these 2 models are most the same.


Q:What's the product type of T18?

A:It's a rough tablet with industrial design,fully rugged for IP67.

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