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The MX711 model, a flexible business tablet you can customize for just about any job and any environment — from retail associates and warehouse workers inside the four walls to salespeople, delivery drivers and service technicians out in the field. You get the best of both worlds — consumer styling for your workers plus all the enterprise class features and options you need to meet business needs: enterprise durability, constant battery power, Android os, a rugged frame for extra durability in more demanding environments, two display sizes, GPS, NFC and fast Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connections 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i (Android) Wi-Fi with 3G. When it comes to data capture, our tablets offer it all — a integrated cameras for image capture, bar code scanning and video calls; optional advanced scan engines and innovative Bluetooth scanners for comfortable intensive bar code capture;

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Best Tablet laptop(MX711)


The MX711 is the device that perfectly blends personal usability and commercial smartphone functionality. Running on Android 5.1, the MX711 allows worker to adopt Google applications for their tasks, while its 7" display with bare/gloved finger and stylus inputs also enhances user experience with operation convenience. Successfully streamlining data capture with simply one device, the MX711 supports various data collection of 1D/2D barcodes, RFID, document, photos/videos, and NFC applications. On top of that, MX711 is built with the most reliable Wi-Fi and 3G connections for always constant back-end system connection and real-time data transmission. Additionally, the MX711 provides resourceful applications and accessories that ensure continuous productivity no matter the operation is in the office or out in the field.



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Q1: Do you provide the ODM/OEM service?
A: Yes, ODM/OEM is accept for bulk order.

Q2:What's the shipping way?
A:DHL,FedEx,EMS,UPS,and some other air freight.

Q3: How do we control the products'quality?
A:  1. Raw materials/accessories control.
     2.Pre-test before bulk production and assembling.
     3.Full inspection during assembling process.
     4.Water testing (no leaking) one by one under professional equipment.

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