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8inch Windows Tablet

1).Multi-module supported like barcode scanner,fingerprint. 2).Covers a wide range of industry needs

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8inch Windows tablet(T16)

1).Multi-module, powerful performance,like barcode scanner,fingerprint..etc.

2).Covers a wide range of industry needs

3).T18 covers one-dimensional / two-dimensional code, NFC, RFID, fingerprint identification and other modules, a multi-purpose machine, powerful. Support one-dimensional code / two-dimensional code scanning (two choose one), Widely used in logistics, warehousing and management industries; Equipped with RFID / NFC near field communication, mobile payment, easy response; Fingerprint recognition, Chip-level security experience.


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8inch windows tablet2.png

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Q:What's the screen length/width rate?

A:It's 16:10,8inch screen


Q:is the memory capacity optional of this model?

A:We have 2G/32G,4G/64G optional memory.


Q:Is this model 4G network a basic feature?

A:No,the basic feature is 3G WCDMA,the 4G LTE is optional.

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