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What Is PDA?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

PDA has power switches, screen switches, hard start and full boot. It has the basic structure of a computer host, so it's also called a palmtop computer.

PDA is divided into two categories: consumer goods PDA and industrial PDA according to the application scope.

Consumer goods PDA refers to our common smartphones, handheld games consoles, tablet computers and so on, while industrial PDA is like bar code scanners, Rfid readers, which are more powerful than consumer PDA devices, and can be applied to special, harsh environments.

The first PDA was Newton produced by Apple Computer in 1992. But this product is not commercially successful. Later, there was a Graffiti input method for handwriting input. PDA, which used this method as input method, launched a series of Palm products, and achieved great success. In the late twentieth Century, Microsoft entered this field, and first launched the Windows CE 1 operating system, but the system in all aspects of performance is not satisfactory, but later launched Microsoft Windows Pocket Edition 2002 laid the leading position of PPC operating system in one fell swoop. Of course, in addition to the above two operating systems, from the international market point of view, the handheld computer operating system and Pocket PC, EPOC, Hopen, Penbex and Linux operating system.

At present, the most popular handheld computer operating system platforms are Palm OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Linux series