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The Difference Between Pda And Pad

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Both PDA and pad are digital products that help us to work, learn, and entertain in the mobile. On the surface, the alphabetical order of the two is different. In fact, the two products are very different. Pad can be a small category in PDA.

PDA refers to the palmtop computer, classified according to use, and can be divided into industrial PDA and consumer goods PDA. The industrial PDA is mainly used in the industrial field. There are many bar code scanners, PDA handheld terminals, RFID readers and so on. The PDA of consumer products includes many smart phones, tablet computers, hand-held games and so on.

Pad refers to a tablet computer, a small, portable personal computer, with a touch screen as the basic input device, with a small range of use. Pad can be understood as a PC device that does not need to be covered, without a keyboard, a keyboard, small to a handbag, but a complete function, and its representative is the IPAD and Android tablet.

PDA supports systems such as Windows, Linux, Android and so on, and pad supports iOS, Windows, Android and other systems. Pad is mainly applied to general environment such as learning and entertainment, while PDA can be used as data acquisition device, which is applied in barcode scanning, inventory management, warehousing management, logistics distribution, mobile medical care and many other aspects.