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PDA And Handheld Terminal Is The Same?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

People who use PDA and handheld terminals know that, as the two appear to have similar surfaces, there is actually a difference. Why do you say that? Let's take a look at the following analysis.


The English name of PDA is "PersonalDigitalAssistant", also known as palmtop computer.

It can help people to work, learn, play and so on. What's more, according to the use of classification, divided into industrial PDA and consumer goods PDA.

Handheld terminal

A handheld terminal is a portable data processing terminal with several characteristics:

1. Operating system. Such as Android, WINDOWS, LINUX etc..

2, the battery has its own, can be moved to use.

3, memory, CPU, graphics card, etc..

4, screen and keyboard.

5, data transmission processing capacity.

Handheld terminals are divided into industrial handheld terminals and consumer handheld terminals. The performance, stability and battery durability of industrial handheld terminals are better than those of consumer level.

In the field of application, the two are very different. PDA also includes the use of personal consumers. Handheld terminals are mainly in the commercial, industrial and other fields.

Through the above analysis, the seemingly same PDA and handheld terminals, in fact, is not so the same. It can be seen in both performance and application.