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Mobile Pos Terminal's Main Function

- Nov 30, 2017 -

The data management: including data stores, regional (channel) information, employee information, supplier information products, etc.;

The commodity management: refers to the goods number, bar code, color, type, price, discount rate; also can through the backstage system set up various pricing strategies, including price discounts, buy gifts, exchange etc.;

The store management: query the store inventory, out of stock, safety stock setting etc.;

The franchisee (customer) management: franchisee receivables, refund, ordering, delivery, reconciliation, business information, credit information management;

The data interaction: interaction with enterprise e-commerce data;

The data query: query of goods, area, system, store, period of time into marketing, deposit, withdrawal, disc, set, adjustable

And other information;

The statistics of all the stores, products, sales clerk, orders, back and out / loading, inventory, return, supplier delivery, attendance ranking, differences in data summary statistics;

The analysis report: commodity sales trend, sales ranking, classification performance, price band, single product sales analysis report;

The warehouse management: including inventory inquiries, safety stock setting, goods storage, inventory, statistics and other documents;

The purchasing management: including the purchase requisition, purchase order management and other functions;

The member management: including information exchange, strategy and record, level set, detailed records, integral consumption statistics and query etc.;

The goal of management: for each store clerk or set the sales target, and may at any time statistics of its target rate;

The notice of management: by sending all kinds of information to the backend system and notify the store terminal, is headquartered in the terminal to maintain real-time online contact;

The access management can set up users, user groups, menu and modify password permissions.