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How To Pick A Good Handheld Mobile Computer

- Nov 27, 2017 -

How to compare handheld machines?

First, look at its basic parameters, generally look at performance and physical parameters. The performance can be divided into three parts: CPU, interface and storage space extension. Second look at its physical parameters, such as size, display screen, standby time, etc.. In general, the standard size is 186.5 (long) mm x 75 (wide) mm x 31 (high) mm. Display screen: transmissive backlit color 3.2 inch QVGA display, standby time is 150 hours.

The basic parameters of the general model CPU are: Sumsung ARM920T@533MHZ; memory: 256MBit SRAM/1G ROM; interface / communication: USB, UART; memory card space expansion: maximum support 8G Micro SD (TF) card.

Handheld machine

Listen to the above small series of these introductions, is not on how to choose the handheld machine this must be sure?  So, I'll introduce you to the differences between different styles of handheld machines.

Handheld, there are many styles, like computers, the same brand is also divided into many series. The same is true of handhelds. Now there are three types of barcode handheld, RFID handheld, fingerprint handheld.

Barcode handheld

Barcode handheld machine mainly uses optical principle to decode the scanned barcode, so it is mainly used in supermarkets, logistics, libraries and other places.

Handheld machine

Model: MS-1600; ACPU: high speed ARM; main frequency: 800MHZ; display screen: 4 inch IPS screen; resolution: 480*800; interface: USB

Rfid handset

Rfid Chinese mean radio frequency identification, can identify and scan the object in a short distance, do not need so close, save a lot of time, like a parking lot out, people in the car, hand length is short, but no matter near or far away from the punch machine, as long as in a certain range. It can accurately record the information. Scope of application: parking lot, gas station, supermarket, campus, hotel and so on

Handheld machine

Operating system: WINCE5.0 /MOBILE6.0, which can support various languages in the world.

Interface: USB

Main frequency: 400MHz;

Operating frequency: 2.4GHz - 2.5GHz ISM microwave section

Recognition distance: effective recognition distance up to 120m~1500m, adjustable

Recognition speed: the highest recognition speed up to 200 km / h.

Ability to recognize: identify 200 tabs simultaneously

Operating system: WINCE5.0, MOBILE6.0, can support the global language versions;


Size weight: 125 x 77 x 19 (unit / mm);

Display: 4.3 inch LTPS high resolution 800X480 color WVGA display;

Camera: 3 million pixels, auto focus;

USB port: a USB main port, can be connected to U disk, keyboard, mouse and other equipment. USB, one from the mouth;

Audio interface: 3.5 millimeter stereo headphone socket, built in speakers and MIC;

Memory interface: Standard TF card interface, extensible 2GB FLASH data store;

Wireless module: Standard 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2 transmission function +GSM/GPRS+GPS;

Battery capacity: Standard 2000mA.H large capacity lithium battery;

Speaker: dual channel speaker, each speaker power: 700mW;

Fingerprint handset

Fingerprint handheld machine, also called fingerprint analyzer, fingerprint acquisition system. It has the function of fingerprint collection and recognition. For the past few years, the government has made a significant contribution to population fingerprinting. In the past, all the citizens themselves to boarding, but now is very convenient, and the safety factor and accuracy have been greatly improved. Scope of application: banking, financial industry.

CPU:samsung ARM920T

Memory: 256MBit SRAM/1G ROM

Interface / communication: USB, UART

Memory card space extension: maximum support 8G Micro SD (TF) card

Handheld machine

In general, although they are hand-held, but each handheld has its own advantages and characteristics, to see what you are mainly used in what is convenient, which is more suitable for themselves.