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Handheld Terminals Play A Role In The Express Delivery Industry Will Be More And More

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Shao Zhonglin (Deputy Secretary General China express association long) has said, "the handheld terminal can make the whole process of express life from time to time tracking, and the provisions of the plan from time to time control, to reflect the problems where this is our highest management level."

It is understood that in order to keep track of time, each link must be recorded on the server, and the customer can get the real-time query through the network. Most e-commerce sellers are expected to be timeliness, reliability and certainty for express delivery. To fulfill the promise of express, we need two technologies, the first is intelligent handheld terminal device, the second is automatic identification technology, and the whole courier process is also the equipment, technology and operation of handheld terminal.

For the express company itself, in the whole lifecycle of the express mail, most of the key links need to be handheld terminals, and the data collection of express links is used to provide basic data information for profit management. Along with the gradual improvement of the mobile information level, on the one hand, it reduces the cost of enterprise management, on the other hand, it improves the customer experience. Third, ensures the safety of the goods. Fourth, safe and effective cash management, fifth, significantly increases the competitiveness of enterprises.

From the customer's point of view, through the handheld terminal for each shipment after the transit link scan, upload data, provide 24 hours tracking query service for customers a full range of information, can greatly improve the customer trust to express transportation company, help to establish long-term cooperative relationship, forming a virtuous circle effect.

In the last two years, with the rapid growth of express delivery business, the development of express delivery has also encountered a problem, which is the problem of efficiency. Simple barcode technology has been difficult to meet the rapid growth of traffic. First, he can not identify multiple targets. Two, bar code scanners cannot be used at high speed and distance. RFID technology can just make up for these disadvantages - reading multiple information at the same time and reading information at a long distance and high speed. Therefore, the RFID handheld terminal will gradually become the leader of the information technology of the express industry, and will play a more and more important role.