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Handheld Terminals And PDA What Is The Difference

- Nov 27, 2017 -

With the rapid development of the times, high-tech products are becoming more and more humanized. When it comes to the handset you may have read, the handset also called the handheld terminal PDA, but some friends want to buy or want to join PDA, then maybe we will further distinguish them with the handset PDA confusion, so today we have to explain to you the difference between the handset and PDA, in the end the handheld terminal and PDA what is the difference?

What is the difference between handheld terminals and PDA? In fact, they are similar in shape, but in fact they are different. The full name of PDA is Personal Digital Assistant, also known as palmtop computer, which can help us to work, learn, play and so on in the mobile. According to the use of classification, it is divided into industrial grade PDA and consumer goods PDA. Industrial PDA is mainly used in the industrial field, there is a common bar code scanner, RFID reader, POS machine can be called PDA; consumer goods including PDA more, the game machine PDA intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, handheld (PersonalDigitalAssistant), is a personal digital assistant. As its name implies, it is a digital tool to assist personal work. It mainly provides functions such as Notepad, address book, business card exchange and itinerary arrangement.

The handheld terminal refers to the portable data processing terminal with the following characteristics: 1. operating system. Such as Android, WINDOWS and LINUX; 2. CPU, memory, graphics etc.; 3. screen and keyboard; 4. data processing ability; 5. has its own battery, can use mobile. In general, handheld terminals are divided into industrial handheld terminals and consumer handheld terminals. The performance, stability and battery durability of industrial handheld terminals are better than those of consumer level.  Handheld terminals are PDA, mobile phones, smart phones, bar code data acquisition, handheld IC card data terminal, handheld fingerprint acquisition terminal, meter reading machine and so on. The following is an industrial handheld terminal called TT43 explosion proof hand held terminal - explosion-proof grade.

Product advantage:

1. small size, easy to carry

2. support Bluetooth wireless printing

3. support WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS and other wireless communication functions

4. built in GPS module

5. 4.3 inch semi LCD for outdoor use

More than 6. matching modules can be customized according to your needs

7. standard configuration of 1 4500mAh polymer lithium ion batteries

8. scanning heads are all world class brands of new continents, Symbol or Honeywell products, you can choose according to your needs. Can support various bar code scanning

Product features:

1. 4.3 inch IPS highlight screen for outdoor use

2. a large capacity explosion proof battery 4500MAh

3. built in GPS module

4. support various bar code scanning

5. can load RFID read / write module

More than 6. matching modules can be customized according to your needs

Strictly speaking, PDA is not only used in industry, but also for individual consumers, while handheld terminals are mainly in the fields of Commerce, industry and so on.