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Handheld Terminal Maintenance Precautions

- Nov 30, 2017 -

The correct use of methods and maintenance equipment can help to better play the performance of the product. According to many customers' problems, most of the problems are due to improper operation or inattention to maintenance. Please refer to the following points for the correct maintenance of the handheld terminal equipment.

1. please use the equipment according to the instructions in the product instructions. Do not try other methods.

2. to keep the equipment dry and to be in a wet place for a long time may corrode the circuit board and cause problems such as inability to start.

3. the equipment should be kept clean and not stored in a dusty or dirty place for a long time. This or that causes the terminal to be unable to boot or other problems.

4. do not place the equipment in overheated or overcooled places for a long time.

5. do not beat or drop the equipment.

6. do not disassemble casually.