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Android Handheld Terminal In The Domestic Development

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Recently, a number of Electronics exhibitions in Shenzhen and Hongkong learned that many Chinese electronic device manufacturers began to adopt Android operation system when pushing portable computers, electric paper books, MID (handheld Internet terminal devices) and other handheld mobile terminal products. It seems that as the Internet of things intelligent terminal products are becoming more and more attention to users, the operating system has become one of the key points of competition among the intelligent terminal products.

At present, there are Android camp, Windows CE camp and Windows Mobile three operating system camps in the mobile internet terminal market, and the three systems have good performance in their respective market positioning. Which promote the market penetration of the Windows CE camp, the most potential should be the Android camp, because 2010 has entered a period of rapid development of Android, the high speed development period refers to the rapid growth of smart mobile phone, the Android industry is the first step of it.

Android operating system now occupies more than 50% of the mobile phone market, fierce can't be held back. In the intelligent mobile phone market share rising, Android began to "share" industrial handheld terminal market. The Android system, which is a rising star in the smart phone market, may be the "new" leader of the "Internet of things" industry.

Android false start

With the intelligent mobile phone industry to compete in the field of similar handheld mobile terminal market, as the successor of Android, is increasingly playing a "food" role.

Because it is still in the initial stage of Android terminal market in the field of networking, currently only handheld terminal products in the part of the consumer, but with the rise of Android mobile phone market, and for the future industrial application of MID products to strengthen the function, Android industrial handheld terminal market will usher in rapid growth in recent years.

In fact, Android's industrial whirlwind has been swept up in China's handheld mobile terminal market, and even ARCHOS, JINGWAH and other traditional digital vendors will launch digital products based on Android.

Android opportunities for industrial handheld terminals

Now, outside of traditional PC and mobile phones, Android has found another market space - perhaps a revolutionary opportunity.

It is understood that applications based on Android mobile phones are compatible with the Android based mobile handheld terminal system. This means that users of Android handheld terminals enjoy nearly 20 thousand applications at Android Market. And this number is still growing.

This is not all of the Android advantage. Compared to Windows CE's $10 authorization fee, the free model of Android is undoubtedly more popular.

"In fact, at present, all kinds of industrial handheld terminal products of Android system have just been launched, and their system stability remains to be optimized." Usebroadband news Android handheld terminal product development official said, accompanied by down-regulation of the mature technology and price, "in the long run, Android will become the mainstream of industrial grade handheld terminal products."

With the development and maturity of the Internet of things mobile terminal industry, the performance of its operating system is more perfect. It is believed that in the future, more people will pay attention to this field and promote the development of industrial mobile handheld terminals.