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Windows Fingerprint Reader

The MX4300 has an extended memory capacity, Windows mobile operating system. This robust platform ensures your applications run fast and efficiently, increasing productivity. The fast and powerful MX4300 handheld computer has more room to store your data and run multiple programs without lagging behind. The MX4300 rugged handheld computer is small and features aggressive scanning technology. Ergonomically designed, weighing 400 grams with 12 hours of battery life - the MX43000 is an ideal device for scan-intensive applications and one-hand operation.

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                                          Windows Fingerprint Reader (MX4300)

The MX4300 series of mobile computers provide smart choices for businesses that demand high demand. It provides the user with a smooth workflow that combines high-performance features with the right amount of strength. The MX4300 runs on a high-standard CPU and the processor is very fast. It also runs on the latest Microsoft operating system. Equipped with the right intensity, the MX4300 handheld mobile computer provides protection for all its advanced features. The new MX4300 features high-capacity data and program memory to ensure fast and smooth program execution. In addition to these features, the software offers many new and updated benefits to the needs.


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