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RFID Barcode Data Collector

We will use the MX7000 to impress today's demanding and technically astute customers. MobileX offers a cool, stylish design with the most popular consumer-style product competitors on the outside, purely commercial inside - choosing the Android operating system and MobileX enterprise-class durability, security, and a comprehensive set of features. Includes advanced bar code scanning, networking and an integrated magnetic stripe reader.

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RFID barcode data collector (MX7000)

The MX7000 is RFID barcode data collector PDA, you get the durability that MobileX is famous for; the MX7000 simply works, even if your employees drop it, bump it, use it in a dusty backroom or splash liquid on it. And Gorilla Glass improves the durability of three of the most vulnerable features: the display, the scanner and camera-exit windows.

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RFID barcode data collector.jpg

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RFID barcode data collector.jpg


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