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Fingerprint Data Collector

Smart data collector,excellent fingerprint handheld terminal.

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Fingerprint data collector(MX4500)

1).Industrial three defenses

Protect against rain, dust and spills. Not afraid of harsh environments, even on rainy days or on big roads full of dust, it can work outdoors without affecting its service life.

2).High quality and excellent design

4.5-inch IPS touch screen, high touch sensitivity, support capacitive multi-touch, large spacing key design, easy to operate. Smooth line appearance design, portable and easy to use, more ergonomic.

3).Sensitive fingerpint reader

Sensitive fingerpint reader,< 500ms 1:1 verification matching speed(Feature extraction and fingerprint matching).


Fingerprint data collector

Fingerprint data collector


Q:What's the resolution and Capacity of the fingerpint reader?

A:It's 500DPI,and it can save 1000 fingerpints.


Q:What's the image size of the fingerpint sensor?

A:It's 256*288 pixels.

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