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Android 4G Fingerprint Scanner

The MX4500 is a rugged data collector terminal developed on Android. The MX4500 is 4.5” mobile computer with fingerprint scanner based on the latest touch screen technology perfectly combines premium enterprise class mobility and rugged industrial design. Ideal for use in transportation as well as retail with ability to handle rain, bright sunlight, and multiple drops and bumps.

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Android 4G Fingerprint Scanner (MX4500)


The MX4500 is Android 5.1 OS with stable 4G communication function, it can quickly transmit the data of the terminal to the server or the cloud outdoors, and has fingerprint encryption and scanning and acquisition functions, and the industrial grade of IP65 can better protect the machine in harsh environments.
The MX4500 is also sealed against dust and protected against water spills and moisture, ensuring a long product lifetime. The MX4500 has been tested thoroughly: it withstands extensive vibrations and performs reliably in extreme temperatures. Investing in a rugged Android handheld device like the MX4500 means a lower total cost of ownership in the long run. Powerful 4G LTE on one of the nation's largest and fastest cellular networks. Stay connected to all your mobile workers, send and receive mission-critical data, and update your back-end systems in real-time with this powerful tool.


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