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  • PDA Scanner
    PDA Scanner
    PDA scanner MX4050 is IP64 rugged mobile data scanner,it with 4G,WIFI,Camera in basic configuration,and with optional:1D 2D barcode scanner,LF HF UHF RFID Reader,Pistal grip,Cradle.
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  • Mobile Computer with 4G
    Mobile Computer with 4G
    Rugged mobile computer (MX4500) 1)..The rugged MX4500 is ideal for enterprises requiring anywhere, anytime connectivity and fast data capture for maximum uptime and productivity 2).latest 4G LTE /NFC connectivity and long lasting battery power helps ensure...
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  • Rugged Data Collector
    Rugged Data Collector
    Rugged data collector(MX5000) 1). The 5.0-inch high definition multi-touch display is exceptionally resistant to scratches and deep chips 2). With a weight of 400g,MX5000 is ergonomically designed for comfortable single-handed operation. 3). MX5000 comes...
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  • Rugged RFID Reader Android PDA
    Rugged RFID Reader Android PDA
    RFID readers add state-of-the-art RFID data capture technology to the MX7000's best-in-class barcode scanning capabilities. The versatility of using two readers in one device means that employees can locate products, read non-line-of-sight RFID data, and...
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  • RFID Barcode Data Collector
    RFID Barcode Data Collector
    We will use the MX7000 to impress today's demanding and technically astute customers. MobileX offers a cool, stylish design with the most popular consumer-style product competitors on the outside, purely commercial inside - choosing the Android operating...
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  • Fingerprint Handheld Terminal
    Fingerprint Handheld Terminal
    MX7000 works great during fingerprint enrollment, match and deletion. Users only need to press a finger on the scanner. Iris module also helps ascertain identity quickly by scanning iris of an individual's eyes
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  • Android 6.0 Data Collector
    Android 6.0 Data Collector
    Android 6.0 data collector (MX7000) 1).Faster and more accurate data collection With 8 million pixel auto focus camera, highlight LED fill light, easy to capture all kinds of images and video information. 2).Industrial three defenses Protect against rain,...
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  • Handheld Android 6.0 Rugged PDA
    Handheld Android 6.0 Rugged PDA
    The MX7000 is handheld Android 6.0 rugged PDA. Every day you are doing delivery, repairing equipment, or providing services—from pipelines and electricity to package delivery, yard maintenance, and more. Every day, there is a lot to do and there is very...
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  • Store Scanner Mobile Computer
    Store Scanner Mobile Computer
    Drop it on the floor. Spill water on it. Use it in a dusty backroom, out in the rain, extreme heat or below freezing temperatures. The MX7000 can handle it all.
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  • Android 6.0 Handheld Terminal
    Android 6.0 Handheld Terminal
    New generation Android 6.0 handheld terminal
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  • Android 6.0 PDA
    Android 6.0 PDA
    Latest Android 6.0 OS based PDA with new OS features.
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  • Fingerprint Data Collector
    Fingerprint Data Collector
    Smart data collector,excellent fingerprint handheld terminal.
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