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Wireless Data Acquisition Its working principle

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Through the GPRS wireless network, the user equipment data is transmitted to the host on the Internet, and the data remote transparent data transmission is realized. It is embedded with GPRS unit, integrated with the CPAP protocol, transparent transmission, always online, automatic reconnection. Can be directly through the serial port connected with the various needs of the user equipment remote wireless communication, such as intelligent instruments, PLC, DCS, R, U, data terminal, touch screen, industrial machines and other equipment, at the same time with the configuration software, man-machine interface, touch screen, control terminal and other industrial products to achieve free protocol and MODBUS protocol the configuration, which can be applied to many areas of power monitoring, oil monitoring, remote meter reading, streetlight monitoring and environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, water monitoring, network monitoring etc..

The data acquisition of wireless data collector is accurate, and the anti-interference is very strong. It appears to effectively solve the problem of data acquisition in the industrial field. It's a great invention.