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what's Mobile pos terminal

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Mobile pos terminal

The mobile POS machine is an RF-SIM card terminal reader. Mobile POS, also known as mobile point-of-sale, hand-held POS, wireless POS, batch POS, applies mobile sales in various industries. The reader terminal connects to the data server via CDMA; GPRS; TCP/IP.


Mobile POS machines are used in different industries with different classifications and different names.

Financial industry, POS credit card, POS terminal settlement, UnionPay POS.

Book Industry: Book Mobile Sales POS Machine, Book Collector, Book Counting Machine, Book Inventory Device, Book Checker, Book Checking Machine 1.

Supermarket industry: supermarket mobile POS machine, supermarket inventory machine, supermarket inventory device.

Pharmaceutical industry: pharmacy mobile POS machines, medicine inventory machines, medicine collectors, inventory machines, etc.

Garment industry: Apparel mobile POS machines, clothing inventory machines, etc.

Industry application


The secure payment products developed specifically for the mobile phone platform can easily realize various financial functions such as collection and balance inquiry on smart phones. The product includes a credit card device and a client application. After the merchant completes the registration activation, the credit card insertion device is plugged into the audio interface of the smart terminal (IOS, Android system), and the client can start the transaction, thereby realizing the function of the mobile POS machine. Small Fortune Mobile POS supports all card payment transactions with UnionPay logos (including debit cards and debit cards), which is applicable to small and medium merchants' bank card acceptance orders.



Compatible with a variety of mobile phones with standard headphone jacks, iPhone, Android and other smart phones

The user does not need to change the mobile phone and does not need to replace the mobile phone card.

Mobile pos machine

Mobile pos machine


Built-in financial security chip, in line with UnionPay CUP Mobile standard; high security digital password keyboard design.

System, payment, technology, monitoring and other comprehensive security, you can stay at home, anywhere to enjoy financial services.


Use anytime, anywhere, regardless of the scene, to meet the needs of multiple fields

Check transaction record details at any time to facilitate financial management;


Provides open hardware interfaces and software APIs to support custom development and seamless business connectivity

main feature

1, the first high-speed USB communication method, the speed is higher than the serial port more than 20 times, the real U disk operation, no drive, plug and play.

2, a complete functional module. It integrates four major functional modules: “Mobile Inventory”, “Mobile Acquisition”, “Mobile Sales”, and “Mobile Return”. Summarize the various libraries' management models based on the ISBN data, make new business process optimizations, and condense this experience into the software system—the crystallization of management knowledge.

3, very high application flexibility. Support DBF, TXT, EXCEL, MARC a variety of file formats, full support for all book software data book industry.

4, a unique number one multi-book check solution. Can be based on the use of habits for book re-positioning operations.

5. Compatible with new and old ISBNs. Automatically identify 10 and 13 ISBN ISBNs.

6, massive data storage. The HK-906 data collector in the HK-906 system can easily accommodate 1 million bibliographic information.

7, large screen display. HK-906 can display 10*10 Chinese characters. The single-screen field information is rich, eliminating unnecessary operations such as scrolling and scrolling.

During work, the mobile phone equipped with RF-SIM will “swipe” the card on the mobile POS machine and input relevant business information (transaction type, amount, credit, etc.). The information obtained by the POS machine will be sent to the data server through various networks. After the server processes the data, it returns the processing result to the POS machine and displays it on the machine to complete the integration and data service.

Experiences of tens of thousands of operating users have concluded that the HK-906 series of thick and wide collectors has become a classic product of Houda's mobile data terminals with features of functionality, economy and durability; it is applicable to the needs of various working environments and can be used in industry and government. , manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and distribution centers. With the HK906 series, you can collect data efficiently and accurately, and correctly transfer data to the host system.

The main features:

Elegant streamlined appearance, easy to operate vertical swipe card design;

Wireless signal capture capability is strong, transactions are stable and smooth, transaction failure rate is less than 5/1000 in the signal stability area;

Large-capacity battery, guaranteeing more than 400 continuous transactions and printing (a transaction every 3 minutes);

The LCD adopts a 128 x 64 dot matrix backlit LCD screen and supports 8 x 4 Chinese characters display;

32-bit ARM9 400MHz CPU with embedded Linxu security operating system;

64MB large capacity memory, can download and run multiple different applications at the same time;

Optional built-in Ethernet, CDMA, Wi-Fi, GPRS communication module, support SSL (Security Socket Layer);

Support magnetic stripe card, non-contact IC card (M1 card, CPU card), contactless IC card (4428, 24C, CPU card);

Supports remote multi-application download, remote parameter download (Thinking DMS system);

High-speed thermal printer, up to 28 lines per second, easy-to-load paper design, support for double-layer paper printing, adjustable printing depth;

Supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning

Support UHF RFID tag reading and writing

Support secondary development and provide SDK interface;

The network layer adopts the Linux built-in protocol stack and uses a unified Linux socket calling mode. Regardless of whether any Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, CDMA, or any other communication method is selected, all interfaces are commonly developed at one time, eliminating the traditional AT command set and other data transmission. form. The SSL layer uses Open SSL international SSL library, which has a very wide range of applications;