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what's Law enforcement recorder

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Law enforcement recorder

Law enforcement recorders are also known as police enforcement recorders or field enforcement recorders. The digital camera, digital camera, and intercom transmitter are all integrated into a single unit. It is capable of digitally recording dynamic and static scenes during the enforcement process, making it easy for public security officers to use the law in various environments.

At the same time, the application scenarios of smart law enforcement recorders for 4G wireless video transmission can be further prevented, and real-time communication scenes in the public security field and various indoor and outdoor test sites are required.


Law enforcement recorders are also known as on-site law enforcement image recorders/police enforcement recorders/field enforcement recorders/single-police video and audio recorders.

By providing

Effective on-site image data for case command, detection and prosecution agencies to obtain evidence. With a small size, easy to carry, long standby time and other functions.


The law enforcement recorder must obtain the test report issued by the special police equipment quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Public Security before it can be produced and sold. Today's inspection basis

Is the GA/T947-2011 single police enforcement video and audio recorder industry standards, in addition to a variety of market law enforcement recorders, patent infringement cases for law enforcement recorders often occur.