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What do industrial PDA end devices bring to the medical industry?

- Nov 30, 2017 -

1. Integration

The integration of the original hospital information system, especially the doctor's workstation and the nurse workstation, is the key to the success of the system. The database is in the background, the entry and processing of doctor's orders, the expression and exchange of information are all in the PC workstation. The role of industrial PDA is limited to the bedside of patients, to confirm and collect information.

2. Move

It is convenient for nurses to carry industrial PDA, they can be put in their pockets, and they can be hung on the chest. Industrial PDA downloads and uploaded data is a batch process, although the speed is slower, but no manual care is needed.

3, multifunction

Can not only confirm the implementation, including the use of barcode scanner on patient wristbands for patient Pei status confirmation, nurse status confirmation, orders on time, real-time collection of important warning signs and timely login orders entered the patient during the execution of the consumption of materials, greatly reducing the nurse medical documents copied to copy work.

4, multiuser concurrency processing

There are multiple nurses and nurses in a ward, usually with a hairstyle. Therefore, to provide multiple industrial PDA concurrent processing capability is a technical difficulty of the system design to be of particular importance, both to ensure the same type of orders on the same group of patients to allow multiple nurses to provide services, at the same time to ensure that will not be on the same patient with an operation by different nurses repeatedly.

Through the use of barcode technology, the mobile industrial PDA nursing system can help doctors and nurses minimize the possible medical errors in the execution of doctors' orders by electronic means, so as to ensure that the right patients can get the right treatment at the right time. It can greatly reduce medical errors and improve the quality of medical care.

To sum up, this is the advantage of industrial PDA terminal equipment to the medical industry. Making full use of industrial PDA terminal equipment can make the whole medical industry reach an advanced level.