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The current development and application of retail POS mobile applications

- Nov 30, 2017 -

A large number of large retail businesses in the US began deploying various mobile devices with traditional POS functions, assistant assistants, shopping guides and various stores and consumers' interaction points in 2013. According to the Yankee group's report, many large retailers use a variety of mobile intelligent POS devices to improve shop shopping experience.

The purpose of large retailers to use mobile POS is different from that of small businesses. The latter is mainly used to replace the traditional POS. In addition to the supplement to traditional POS in peak shopping season, mobile POS in large retail business is mainly used to provide salesmen to improve shopping experience and improve service quality. From the current use of the situation, the main application range of mobile POS in large enterprises includes the following aspects.

1, replace the fixed POS, improve the utilization rate of the store

The floor price of large retail stores is high, and the dismantling of fixed POS is replaced by mobile POS, and the ground and space can be vacated for sale to increase income.

2. Used as assistant for shop assistants to improve service

Most of the large retail enterprises mainly use mobile POS as an assistant to the salesclerk, one of them, improve the quality of the shop assistant and improve the shopping experience in the store. A salesperson can get all kinds of commodity information through this digital assistant, understand the inventory of all chain stores, and even understand personal preferences such as customers' preferences, shopping histories and other personal information, so as to provide personalized services. Assistant assistant can also integrate with online shopping, when the goods purchased by customers are out of stock in the store, they can use it to order from the company's e-commerce website. Usebroadband news companies such as store assistant and mobile intelligent POS handheld terminal products has the fusion cross channel shopping function.

3. Used as a mobile payment and shortening the time of checkout

Many large retailers in order to meet the customer needs to speed up the checkout speed, during peak sales or holidays, with POS mobile handheld terminal as a supplement to the traditional POS, any place can let the clerk in the store for customers in silver.

4. Used as a shopping guide to help customers to shop

The shopping guide, also known as personal shopping assistant, is a mobile POS that helps customers to help themselves to purchase goods under the guidance of mobile programs. It provides customers with various kinds of information, tells customers what places they want, and places information in stores. Customers can use their own smart phones or tablet computers to enter the shopping process provided by retailers. When consumers shop, they scan their products with their own phones, get information about goods, choose the commodities they like, put them into the electronic shopping cart, and finish the transaction at the checkout terminal.

From the application of the current situation, some retailers are used in products or other mobile solutions; some retailers are still hovering in front of the mobile POS application for mobile intelligent POS are still waiting to see the store; some of the large retail enterprises have been widely used in mobile POS solutions, including the clerk assistant to improve the store shopping experience; begin to explore the application of mobile POS in the broader field of some at the forefront of the retail business, including store management, and so on. It can be predicted that with the development of tablet POS technology and successful application cases, this mobile POS device will accelerate the steady development in retailing industry.