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The common problems of data collector

- Apr 02, 2018 -

The common problems of data collector

A kind of automatic equipment with on-site real-time data acquisition and processing functions. With real-time acquisition, automatic storage, real-time display, real-time feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission. Provides assurance for the authenticity, effectiveness, real-time, and availability of field data.

2, the type of collector?

IC card data collector, barcode data collector, IC card barcode data collector.

3. Why use a collector?

Many companies rely almost entirely on manual work in all aspects of data records, which is time-consuming and laborious and prone to errors.

For example, in the warehouse operation management process, daily activities such as purchase, return, shipment, inventory, etc. are all manually performed. Due to the filling of trivial and complicated forms and data, the workload is increased, so the work is easy to make mistakes and inefficiency.

Faced with this situation, many companies require the introduction of a computer management system. However, after the introduction of a computer system, it was found that only half of the problems were solved. With the support of computer software, only conditional computer placement can be solved. Occasionally, manual transcription in the unconditional placement of computers cannot be resolved.

Even if the computer solves some of the manual transcription conditions, it cannot change the bottleneck caused by the re-input of the data in a large number of printed forms at the next computer operating point. If a PT923 or LK934 collector device is used, configure a more effective workflow. , timely and accurately grasp the situation of each commodity in each single. Use PT923 or LK934 to scan barcodes on items. You can also modify the item query.

At the same time, the item information is directly uploaded to the computing center through the MODEM. After using the collector device, the data recorded in each link realizes the automatic login of the data and avoids the problem of new data entry.

How can I use a collector?

(1) Avoid violent touch, squeeze, and away from strong magnetic fields;

(2) Pay attention to moisture and moisture;

(3) Communication port to avoid sundries;

(4) When the battery power is insufficient, the handset will prompt that it should be charged in time;

(5) When the user program can not run normally, the system program and application program should be reset;

(6) Do not disassemble the machine without authorization. If there is a malfunction, contact the factory.

5. Which collector should I use?

According to the need to select different equipment, the use of LK932 in charge of meter reading and other non-barcode environment, convenient, lightweight and inexpensive. The use of LK923 in the case of warehouse management, etc. involving bar codes, is highly integrated and easy to use. It is more convenient to use LK934 if it involves both IC cards and barcodes. All three products are also provided with a visual programming environment.

6, the use of collector?

After the collector has gotten, it has undergone secondary development and has prepared a program that meets the needs of the department, and has trained the user to use it better.

7, collector's development platform?

The LK series adopts a visual programming platform similar to VB or DELPHI. It is easy to learn and does not require expert maintenance.

8, the collector data format?

The internal storage format and the sent data format are DBF format of Foxbase 2.5. You can use Foxbase 2.5 for dos or Foxbase 2.5 for Windows to directly manipulate files.

9. Data transfer methods for collectors and computers?

Use X-MODEM protocol, serial port, default 9600 baud rate.

10, collector can not read the bar code?

There are several possible reasons:

1) The function to read this barcode is not turned on.

2) The barcodes do not conform to the specifications, such as the lack of necessary blank areas, the low contrast of bars and spaces, and the unfavorable proportion of bars and spaces.

3) In direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturated zone.

4) The surface of the bar code is covered with transparent material. Although the bar code can be seen by the eyes, the collector has strict reading conditions and cannot be read.

5) Hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.

11, how to charge properly?

Due to the protection function of the collector, the collector cannot be charged if it is used up. Instantly charge when the collector sends a power failure warning.

12, if the collector can not charge how to deal with?

Try to avoid this situation. If it happens, remove the battery and charge it with the charger. The battery is a nickel-metal hydride battery 1.25v, 1000MAH. If it is still not, only replace the battery. Contact the dealer before replacement to confirm the specific model of the battery and avoid unnecessary damage.

13. During the programming, the screen variable has changed, but the screen display has not changed?

The "refresh screen" statement is generally not used. The changed screen requires a "refresh screen" display to change.

14, programming, always suggest that the field name does not match?

The database field type, length, and its corresponding variable type and length should be exactly the same.

15, when programming, Chinese characters can not be displayed?

Since the built-in Chinese character font is a 16-bit font, the font height should be 16.