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RFID description

- Jan 08, 2018 -

Conceptually, RFID is similar to barcode scanning, which, for bar-code technology, attaches an encoded barcode to a target and uses a dedicated scan reader to transmit information from the bar to the scan using a light signal And RFID uses a dedicated RFID reader and a dedicated RFID tag that can be attached to the target, and the frequency signal is used to transmit the information from the RFID tag to the RFID reader.


RFID is structurally a simple wireless system with only two basic components that control, detect and track objects. The system consists of an interrogator and many transponders.

Recent situation

Initially in the technical field, transponders refer to electronic modules capable of transmitting information to reply information. In recent years, due to the rapid development of radio frequency technology, transponders have new ideas and meanings, and are also called smart tags or labels. RFID electronic tag reader through the antenna and RFID electronic tags for wireless communication, tag identification code and memory data can be read or write operation. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can simultaneously identify multiple labels, the operation is quick and easy.

In the future, the rapid development of RFID technology is of great significance for the progress in the field of Internet of Things.




Transponder: Antenna, coupling components and chips, in general, are used as a transponder tag, each tag has a unique electronic code, attached to the object to identify the target object.

Reader: An antenna, coupling element, chip, read (and sometimes write) tag information device, can be designed as a handheld rfid reader or fixed reader.

Application software system: is the application layer software, mainly to further process the collected data, and for people to use.