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RF Technology

- Jan 10, 2018 -

RF technology

The most important advantage of a radio frequency identification system is contactless identification, which reads labels in harsh environments that can not be used by snow, fog, ice, paint, dirt and bar codes, and reads very fast, in most cases less than 100 milliseconds. The ability to write skips in active RFID systems is also an important advantage. Can be used for interactive services such as process tracking and maintenance tracking.

The main problem that constrains the development of radio frequency identification systems is incompatible standards. The major vendors of RFID systems are proprietary systems that have led to the adoption of frequency and protocol standards from different vendors for different applications and different industries. This chaotic and fragmented situation has constrained the growth of the entire radio frequency identification industry. Many European and American organizations are working to solve this problem and have achieved some success. Standardization will stimulate the substantial development and widespread application of radio frequency identification technology.


The essence of logistics management is through the whole process of logistics management, to achieve the two objectives of reducing costs and improving service levels. How to correct the cost and the right conditions to ensure that the right customers at the right time and the right place to get the right product has become the highest goal pursued by logistics enterprises. In general, the value of the stock of enterprises to account for about 25% of the total assets of enterprises, accounting for more than 50% of current assets. Therefore, the core of logistics management is to supply chain inventory management.

In the transport management using RFID technology, only need to install electronic tags on the packaging of goods, transport checkpoints or transit stations set up a reader, you can achieve the visual management of assets. At the same time, the owner can visit the transit visualization webpage to understand the specific location of the goods according to the authority, which is of great significance to improving the service level of the logistics enterprises.