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Principle of POS

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The principle of analytic

The basic principle of the pos
POS system basic principle is to create the commodity information in the computer file first, cash register online through computer architecture, goods on the bar code can be directly through the cashier equipment on optical read after reading (or directly from the keyboard input code) will soon show product information (unit price, the department, discount...Accelerate the speed and accuracy of cashier.Every commodity sales all details (price, departments, period of time, guest layer) recorded automatically, by on-line architecture again back to the computer.Processed by the computer to generate a variety of sales, statistical analysis for the operation and management information.
POS machine is through the card reader read the magnetic stripe information of bank card cardholders, by POS transaction operator input, the cardholder enter personal identification information (password), POS these information through unionpay center, giving the issuing bank system, complete the online trading, given the success of information, and print the corresponding notes.POS application implementation of the credit card and debit card online consumption, guarantee the safety of transaction, quick and accurate, and avoid the manual query blacklist and pressure single and complex labor, improve work efficiency.
A magnetic stripe card module design requirements meet the needs of three track magnetic card, namely the module need to be able to read, 1/2, 2/3 1/2/3 track magnetic card.

Internal analysis

Usually by RS232 interface, communication interface circuit PINPAD interface, and IRDA interface RS485 interface circuit composition and so on.RS232 interface is usually POS program download mouth, usually PINPAD interface for the host and the password keyboard interface, IRDA interface is usually fixed phone and infrared communication interface.Interface signal is usually consists of a signal, a received signal and power signal.
MODEM board by the central processing module, memory module, interface of the MODEM module, the telephone line.First of all, POS will first test/RING and/PHONE signal, to determine whether the voltage on the line can be used, can switch back to dial tone, POS dialing, send the lights flashing, start dialing, be determined by the communication protocol between the switches and POS signal confirmation, shaking hands, after began to POS data exchange, signal to send and receive signals through MODEM circuit;After hanging up, end the process.