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PDF417 Features

- Mar 28, 2018 -

PDF417 Features

1. Large information capacity

The PDF417 code can express binary numbers in addition to letters, numbers, and ASCII characters. In order to make the code more compact and improve the information density, PDF417 has three formats when encoding:

* Extended alphanumeric compression format can accommodate 1850 characters;

* Binary / ASCII format can accommodate 1108 bytes;

* Digital compression format accommodates 2710 digits.

2. Error correction capability

One-dimensional bar codes usually have a check function to prevent misreading and will be rejected once the bar code is defaced. The two-dimensional bar code not only prevents mistakes, but also corrects mistakes, even if the bar code is partially damaged, the correct information can be restored.

3. Printing requirements are not high

Ordinary printing devices can print, faxes can read.

4. Readable on a variety of reading devices

The PDF417 code can be read with a laser reader with a grating, a linear and surface-scan image reader.

5. Adjustable for different print spaces

6. The open system has formed an international standard, and China has also established a national standard of 417 yards.