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Operation method of POS terminal

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Operation method of POS terminal

New touch screen pos machine

1. Before using the POS machine, check whether the power is on, whether the printer and the host are connected properly, and whether the POS printing paper is installed.

2. When the operator finishes the business at the end of each day, he/she should perform "day-end processing". Special attention should be paid to the fact that if a POS machine needs to be replaced for some reason, it must be completed before the "day-end processing" before it can be switched off and replaced.

3, Do not duplicate credit cardholders for duplicate debits. During the transaction, if the purchase order is not printed out, the operator should first select the “Reprint” function. If the reprint cannot print the voucher, select the “Query Current Transaction” function to query the batch number and merchant of the transaction. Serial number, and then power off, check whether the printer is connected correctly. After reinserting, select print specific records.

If it is still impossible to print, check the balance on the POS machine and check with the customer service center of the UnionPay whether the transaction is corrected. If the reply is indeed successful, you can copy the elements of the consumption on the POS consumer card, and the cardholder can sign it for removal. The goods can also be withdrawn from this transaction. Never redo the transaction again. Otherwise, the cardholder will be debited repeatedly.

4. If you fail to swipe your card during a transaction, you need to press the transaction code key again to avoid mistaking other transactions as "consumption" and causing duplicate debits.

5, cardholder password input. To ensure the security of transactions, the cardholder must enter the correct bank card password when the public POS machine is in the transaction. If the cardholder has no reservation password, the operator directly presses the POS machine “confirm” button to conduct the transaction. The transaction is successful. .

6. Don't forget to have the cardholder sign the purchase order. If the cardholder's signature does not match the reserved name on the back of the card or the letter on the front of the card, you can check with the issuing bank.

7. The type of transaction on the printed purchase order must be carefully reviewed so as to avoid making "consumption" into "pre-authorization" or making "return" into "consumption" resulting in wrong accounting.

8, return transactions can be returned in full or in part, if the return is unsuccessful, do not arbitrarily cash back or allow the cardholder to take away the goods, according to the POS prompts to do the appropriate treatment or contact the UnionPay maintenance personnel.

9. Do not unplug and insert the communication cable. The communication interface of the POS machine is a dedicated interface (line interface) and cannot be confused with each other.

10. Cards issued by debit cards and member firms that have not signed a manual press-in card agreement will not be valid for card-press transactions and the card-issuing bank will not recognize them. Therefore, do not press the cards to accept them.

The cashier can use the cash register to perform operations such as collection, return, exchange, price inquiry, discount, and cancellation of transactions, among which the return, exchange, and discount functions can be set to be controlled by the manager. The basic operation process of the cashier's daily work can be divided into starting, entering sales, storing fractions, performing sales, closing accounts, exiting sales, and shutting down.

It is determined by the system sales function that the cashier must enter his/her password correctly when he is on the machine, and can only enter the cash register sales status after being confirmed by the system. In the sales process, all accounts will be automatically recorded in the cashier's account until the time of withdrawal from the sale. The payment method of sales settlement can be divided into RMB, check, credit card, gift certificate and so on.