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Mobile handheld terminal intelligent warehouse management is no longer a problem

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Warehouse management fee is three "(" from ancient to modern times there has been human material and financial costs and fees) project management mode in the early day of material receiving, sending and receiving documents frequently, in large quantities, the warehouse keeper, recorded a single member of overtime, why not accepted plus encoding idea, it is easy to cause data disorder, affecting the production and operation.

Nowadays, warehouse management can no longer be headache. The staff can connect with the enterprise EPR system through intelligent handheld terminals, and mobile operation can fully improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

In the process of goods management, warehouse managers use the wireless communication function of the existing mobile intelligent terminals to get the receiving list data, and finish the receipt check and receipt of goods accurately and easily through the warehouse management system and barcode scanning function on the terminal. Nowadays, barcode scanning technology and WiFi roaming technology support, warehouse managers can carry out mobile data entry and transmit data to the database through wireless network, which makes the inventory check after receiving goods accurate and simple.

In the warehouse management, there are many existing targeted management devices, such as Super News Mobile intelligent terminal V5000, its powerful wireless communication function can accurately and efficiently complete the receipt of goods, with i3000 of 360 DEG omnibearing barcode scanning technology and WIFI technology to ensure the seamless roaming, WiFi network intelligent inventory process the switching signal and continued strong, avoid in the inventory process due to signal attenuation and data error or loss, high protection performance of i3000, it is to ensure the work of data acquisition equipment and a variety of adverse circumstances to easily complete the warehouse. Thus, the storehouse personnel can easily complete the collection, inventory and picking work of the warehouse, so as to realize the intelligent warehouse management.