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Mifare technolog (5)---Characteristics of Mifare card

- May 03, 2018 -

Characteristics of Mifare card

The MIFARE card is an inductive smart IC card with the largest amount of usage, the most mature technology, the most stable performance, and the largest memory capacity in the world.

MIFARE is a 13.56 MHz non-contact identification technology owned by Philips Electronics. Philips does not manufacture cards or card readers, but instead sells related technologies and chips in an open market. Card and card reader manufacturers then use their technology to create unique products for general users.

MIFARE is often considered a smart card technology because it can have both read and write capabilities on the card. In fact, MIFARE only has a memory function and must be combined with a processor card to achieve read and write functions.

MIFARE's contactless read-write function is designed to deal with the part of the paid transaction in the mass transit system. Its uniqueness is that it has the sorting function of performing ascending and descending order to simplify the data reading process. Although contact smart cards can also perform the same actions, non-contact smart cards are faster and easier to operate, and card readers require little maintenance and the card is also durable.

The standard reader distance for MIFARE contactless smart card readers is 1.0吋 to 3.9吋 (2.5 to 10cm). In North America, due to FCC (power) restrictions, the reading distance is about 2.5 cm.

Adopt reason edit

In addition to the original advantages of the contactless IC card, the Mifare card also has the following advantages:

1) The operation is simple and fast. Due to the adoption of radio frequency wireless communication, there is no need to insert or withdraw the card and it is not restricted by the direction and the front and back.

Mifare SL040

Mifare SL040

Therefore, it is very convenient for users to use, and it takes only 0.1 second to complete a read/write operation, which greatly increases the speed of each use. It is suitable for general occasions as well as fast and high-flow places.

2) Strong anti-interference ability. The MIFARE card has a fast anti-collision mechanism. When multiple cards enter the read-write range at the same time, it can effectively prevent data interference between the cards. The read/write device can handle one-to-one cards to improve the parallelism and system work of applications. speed.

3) High reliability. There is no mechanical contact between the MIFARE card and the reader, avoiding all kinds of failures caused by contact and reading and writing; and the chip and the sensing antenna in the card are completely sealed in the standard PVC, further improving the reliability of the application and the card. The service life.

4) Suitable for more than one card. MIFARE card storage structure and characteristics (large capacity --16 partitions, 1024 bytes), can be applied to different occasions or systems, especially for schools, enterprises and institutions, intelligent community parking lot management, identification, access control Control, attendance check-in, canteen dining, entertainment consumption, library management and other comprehensive applications, there is a strong system application scalability, can truly "a card with more use."

MIFARE cards have the best conditions for becoming an intermediary medium for smart card systems. This is why we have chosen MIFARE cards in full.