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Medical PDA enhances 60% health care work efficiency

- Nov 30, 2017 -

According to statistics, the number of nurses per thousand people in China is only 2.36, which is far lower than that of the 9.8 in the US and 11.49 in Japan. The resources of nurses are seriously insufficient, and heavy workload and busy work lead to instability of medical care quality indirectly. Medical PDA can help nurses handle almost all related work, including drug scanning, patient information entry, inquiry, call and so on.

For nurses, the daily inspection work is numerous and easy to make mistakes. For example, when measuring signs and signs of body temperature and blood pressure, we usually need to measure paper records manually to enter multiple steps of the system, which is inefficient and easy to make mistakes. With the aid of medical PDA, the system can be recorded directly after measurement, which is accurate and efficient. Hospital medical staff said, "through PDA handheld terminal anytime, anywhere to collect, query, check, record medical advice information or patient information, and then use wireless network for information transmission and sharing, our work efficiency has greatly improved". Compared with the traditional way of medical care, the mobile nursing system can generally improve the efficiency of medical care by 60%.

The introduction of medical PDA reflects the full application of modern information technology in the medical and health field. It will promote the information construction of nursing work in hospitals, and it is the trend of the development of digital hospitals.