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IP Drenching test

- Mar 30, 2018 -

(3) IPX 3

Method name: Drenching test

experiment method:

a. Plunge pipe type watering test

Test equipment: pendulum tube type water splash test device

Place the sample: Select the appropriate radius of the oscillating tube, so that the height of the sample table is in the diameter of the oscillating tube. Place the sample on the sample table so that the distance from the top of the sample to the sample water outlet is less than 200mm. The sample table does not rotate.

Test conditions: The water flow rate is calculated as the number of spray holes in the oscillating tube. Each hole is 0.07 L/min. When water is poured, the water spray holes in the 60° arc section on both sides of the midpoint of the oscillating pipe are sprayed to the sample. The sample was placed in the center of a semi-circular tube. The oscillating tube oscillates along both sides of the vertical 60°, 120° in total. Each swing (2×120°) for about 4s

Test time: continuous watering 10 min

b. Sprinkler test

Test Equipment: Hand-held splashing water splash test device

Specimen placement: The parallel distance from the top of the test to the nozzle of the hand shower is between 300mm and 500mm

Test conditions: The baffle with counterweight should be installed during the test. The water flow rate is 10 L/min.

Test time: Calculated according to the surface area of the shell of the tested sample, 1 min per square meter (excluding installation area), min. 5 min