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How to choose a PDA

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The method of choosing PDA handheld terminal brings convenience to work and life, and has a good tool to achieve twice the result with half the effort. In mobile network and application, it is integrated into PDA handheld terminal. This kind of data collection is widely used. It is easy to operate and is favored by more and more companies. But different industries have different requirements for the choice of automatic identification equipment. Next comes the following analysis of how handheld terminals should be selected:

1.Use range users should choose different handheld terminals according to their own different situations. Take warehouse as an example, if users use handheld terminals in large warehouses, the article storage location is high and far away from operators. We should choose a handheld terminal with larger depth of field, reading distance and high first reading rate. For small and medium-sized warehouse users, in this respect, the requirements are not high, we can choose some full functions. Easy to operate handheld terminals. In addition, due to the use of high-frequency warehouses to handheld terminals, this requires the purchase of handheld terminals of high quality, comfortable grip, can support tens of thousands of high-intensity scanning.

2. Decoding range is an important index to select handheld terminal. Decoding range of hand-held terminal is an important index. Most handheld terminals can recognize ean code. In the application of logistics enterprises, we should also consider ean128 code, Kurdistan code and so on. Users should take full account of the encoding range in their actual applications.

3. High and low first reading rate is a comprehensive index of hand-held terminal, which is related to the printing quality of barcode symbol, the design of decoder and the performance of scanner. The higher the first reading rate is, the higher the first reading rate is. At the same time, the higher the first reading rate, the higher the bit error rate, so the user selects the collector according to its actual situation, and buys the hand-held terminal according to the system requirements. First reading rate and bit error rate between the two.

4. Perfect after-sales service pre-sale service is a necessary consideration for handset manufacturers to ensure that the professional team will solve any technical and after-sale problems once the handsets are purchased. Escort the purchased handheld terminal. For any technical and after-sale problems with the mobile phone purchased, the professional team will resolve the problem and escort the purchased handheld terminal.

5. Power configuration should ensure low operating cost. Mainly battery consumption, the smaller the better. Battery is the best choice for large capacity battery. Take the general handheld terminal model on the market as an example. The battery capacity is between 8, 000 and 10,000.

6.The operating system handheld terminal operating system selection is also noted. The school of handheld terminal operating system is divided into two Android and windows. Android platform is famous for its openness and freedom. Customers can easily develop secondary development on handheld terminals. Windows operations are more stable. You can choose the two systems according to specific project requirements. Android system is favored by users.

I believe you have seen the previous several points on the purchase of PDA handheld terminals have a general understanding. Wireless data real-time update output to automatically identify and handle abnormal cases. Its overall design, attached to work requirements can be used at any time in the environment and other characteristics. We need hardware maintenance experience in order to provide flexible and considerate suppliers is particularly important