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How to buy a wireless data collector?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Data collector also known as inventory machine, mobile intelligent terminal. It integrates the bar code scanning device with the data terminal, and the terminal computer equipment with the battery can be operated off-line. It has the functions of real-time acquisition, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing and automatic transmission. It has the characteristics of integration, small size, light weight, high performance, portable, handheld and so on. For general users, there are dozens of data collectors on the domestic market, the performance, specifications vary, prices vary, I do not know what to buy.

Wireless data acquisition, built-in wireless communication module (WIFI, GPRS or Bluetooth 4), equipped with Andrios operating system, the use of high-performance laser scanning engine, high-speed CPU processor, with waterproof, dustproof, anti wrestling ability. Selecting data collector can refer to the following principles:

First, the scope of application

Users should choose different data collectors according to their own different situations. If users use wireless data collector in larger and stereoscopic warehouse, because some items have higher storage location and are far away from operator, we should choose the collector with large scanning depth, long distance reading and higher first reading rate. For the small and medium-sized warehouse users, the requirements in this regard is not very high, you can choose a number of full-featured, easy to operate collector. For users to buy data collector, the choice is the most important point is "enough", that is suitable for the purchase of their own needs, rather than blindly buy expensive, powerful collection system.

Second. Decoding range

Decoding range is an important index to select data collector.  Each user has his own bar code system range, most data collectors can identify EAN code, UPC code, and even several dozen different code system, but there is a big difference. In the application of logistics enterprises, we should also consider EAN128 code, 39 code, Chude Ba Ma and so on. Therefore, users should take full account of the scope of their actual application in the purchase of the code to select the appropriate collector.

Third. Interface requirements

The interface ability of the collector is another important index to evaluate its function, and it is also the key point to select the collector. Users should first clear their own original system operating environment, interface, etc., and then select the appropriate wireless data acquisition device operating environment and interface.

Fourth, the requirements for the first reading rate

The first reading rate is a comprehensive index of data collector, which is related to the printing quality of bar code symbol, the design of decoder and the performance of scanner. The higher the first reading rate, the longer the working time is saved, but correspondingly, the price must be higher than other data collectors. In the inventory of goods (inventory) process, you can manually control the symbol of the bar code, with the data collector repeated scanning, therefore, the first reading rate requirements are not strict, it is only a measure of efficiency. But in the automatic sorting system, the requirement of the first reading rate is very high. Of course, the higher the first reading rate of data collector, it will inevitably lead to the improvement of its error rate, so the user in selecting the collector, according to their actual situation and economic ability to buy the acquisition system in line with the needs of the system, in the first reading rate and error rate between the balance.