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How does industrial PDA make technical safeguard for food safety?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

How to provide more efficient protection for food safety problems is a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. And the industrial PDA is how to make technical guarantee for food safety?

In recent years, frequent food safety issues at home, if everyone pays no attention to those businesses are less likely to pay attention to, however, because in recent years, countries attach great importance to this question, just let these problems, then decreased, but we know that the surface of the good is often not enough, how to do truly perfect, also need more and more solutions.

With the development of science and technology, many new technology industries have started to introduce new ideas, to improve themselves, improve themselves, the food industry is the same, because in recent years the frequent food safety issues and national attention, many enterprises and businesses began to refer to the new management technology of wireless data acquisition system.

Wireless data acquisition system includes three aspects: data acquisition, wireless transmission and radio frequency technology. And complete and complete this system on industrial PDA. What is industrial PDA?

Industrial PDA is relative to the commercial mobile phone is concerned, the biggest characteristic is can be used in all kinds of environment requires some places, like the static, there are very strict gas station, spark flour factory, mine and other places, and our food industry relates to health and the port is also considered. The environment has certain requirements.

First: data acquisition. We all know that as long as the regular manufacturers of products, will have their own bar code. And this is exactly the data of a commodity, testing whether the product is qualified, you need to sweep code authentication, and our traditional scanning method is manual writing, artificial stickers, manual sweep, after confirmation, the car, sent to all parts of the country. No one can control this process. After reaching the local, even if the whole process is completed, it also led to a lot of problems later. However, industrial PDA can check the information of each commodity at any time through the electronic tag, and also monitor the whole process.

Second: the traditional barcode paper and manual input is easy to be damaged, after all, the paper is very easy to blur handwriting and fall off, and our active tag is an electronic device, is through wireless data transmission, therefore, more security and patience.

Third: manual bar code, in addition to recording product information, there is no other function, and industrial PAD can control the active tag custom settings, such as air humidity, temperature, etc.. Food packaging has certain shelf-life, but like vegetables, meat and poultry, is not the same, it is difficult to keep fresh, so there are certain requirements for long-distance transportation. The industrial PDA can set the meta tag in advance. As long as the change of the food environment in the transportation process exceeds the original setting, it will be automatically adjusted. This will ensure that the food in the transport process to maintain a good state, reduce the loss.

Fourth: personalized customization can be carried out. Now think of bituo products using open platform flexible configuration: currently in use by the mainstream operating system WindowsMobile, WinCE, Android; one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional code, RFID, GPS, WLAN function module free choice; circuit to provide customized and customized services, to provide the best customer service as the carrier of the implementation of logic.