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Handheld Terminal with Operating System

- Mar 30, 2018 -

(1) Handheld Terminal with Operating System

I. Android handheld terminal

Android system, designed for Internet applications. Android's open mode allows the continuous optimization of applications, which is more conducive to the secondary development of handheld terminals in the Android system.

II. Windows Mobile Handheld Terminal

Windows Mobile system is Microsoft's operating platform for handheld terminals. It includes the underlying operating system Windows CE and upper-level drivers and applications. Windows Mobile-based mobile devices provide enterprises with an excellent industry application platform, which can provide a wide range of optional hardware, powerful development tools and long-term battery life.

III. Windows CE Handheld Terminal

The Windows CE system is designed for stand-alone devices. Its Internet function and touch screen function are weaker than the Android system, and the Internet experience is relatively poor.

IV. ios mobile phone system

Apple's ios system is designed for Apple's mobile phone iphone, running stable, smooth is its advantages, currently has a large number of fans iphone mobile terminal, enough to prove.

(2) Hand-held terminal without operating system

Based on c language, Linux needs secondary development of embedded systems, with human-computer interaction graphical interface and communication interface, this type of embedded system, with low consumption of resources, more professional and stable.