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Handheld terminal how to choose

- Nov 27, 2017 -

At present, the handheld terminal in the domestic market is mixed, how to choose the handheld terminal? This is the problem faced by many users, along with the development of mobile Internet and the promotion of mobile applications, the traditional bar code scanners and mobile data acquisition terminals in the application of life is more and more widely. Because of its excellent automatic recognition ability and convenient operation characteristics, it has been favored by more and more companies. But different industries have different requirements for choosing automatic identification equipment

1, the scope of use

Users should choose different handheld terminals according to their own different situations. Taking the warehouse as an example, if the user uses the handheld terminal in the large stereoscopic warehouse, the storage location of the goods is higher, and the operator is far away, so the scanning terminal with large depth of field, long distance and high first reading rate should be selected. For small and medium-sized warehouse users, the requirements are not high, you can choose some full-featured, easy to handle handheld terminals.  In addition, because of the high frequency of handheld terminals, it requires high quality and comfortable grip, and can support tens of thousands of times of high intensity scanning.

2. Decoding range

Decoding range is an important index to select handheld terminals. Most handheld terminals can identify EAN codes, UPC codes, and even dozens of different code systems, but there is a big difference. In the application of logistics enterprises, we should also consider EAN128 code, 39 code, Chude Ba Ma and so on. Users should take full account of the coding range in their actual application when purchasing.

3. Interface requirements

The interface ability of the collector is the key point when selecting the handheld terminal. Users should first clear their own original system operating environment, interface, etc., and then select the appropriate operating environment and interface mode of handheld terminals.

4, the first reading rate of high and low

The first reading rate is a comprehensive index of handheld terminals, which is related to the printing quality of barcode symbol, the design of decoder and the performance of the scanner. The higher the first reading rate, the longer the work time is saved. At the same time, the higher the first reading rate, the bit error rate will increase, so the user in the choice of the acquisition unit, according to their actual situation to buy the handheld terminal in accordance with the system needs, in the first read rate and error rate between the balance.

5, the price

When choosing handheld terminals, the price is also a concern. Handheld terminal configuration is different, different functions, the price will also have a big difference. Therefore, the purchase should pay attention to the specific needs of the purchase, not more collocation can not use the function, truly "cheap"".

6, service

Improve the pre-sale customer service service is a necessary choice of handheld terminal manufacturers consider the conditions, so that once the purchase of any handheld terminal technology, customer service has a professional team to answer to problem solving, handheld terminal escort purchased.

7, pay attention to display effect

The resolution of the screen also needs to be considered.  High resolution can support the software very well, display the software operation interface in the best state, and have a great improvement in the user experience. Proper luminance and contrast also protect the operator's eyesight.

8, power configuration

Low operating costs should be ensured. Mainly battery consumption, the smaller the better. Batteries are the best choice for large capacity batteries. Taking the handheld terminal, A370, as an example, the battery capacity is 8000 to 10000Mah.