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- Mar 30, 2018 -


There are many manufacturers of handheld terminals. Each vendor has a wide variety of product names, which are not uniform, and sometimes cause ambiguity. This can easily cause confusion for users and merchants. I would like to name these hand-held terminals here, but I just want to provide some convenience for user selection.

Data collector

The so-called data collector refers to a handheld terminal with a barcode scanning function, but not all handheld terminals with a barcode scanning function are called data collectors, and the operating system of the data collector is usually developed by a manufacturer. For example, Pocket PCs such as POCKET PCs and PALM with bar code scanning functions are not called data collectors.

Due to historical reasons, data collectors have various names:

Counting machine: Initially this type of product was used for inventory, so it was called inventory machine

Mobile POS: This name is very strange, and some industries use PDA, IC card handheld terminal is also known as mobile POS machine, in fact, in addition to POS in the mobile transaction is a bit of relationship, in other occasions, there is no relationship between application and POS;

Barcode data collector: This should be the most accurate name at the moment;

Data collector: Taiwan's name;

The above are a few common names, and some are not commonly used: such as bar code handheld terminals, handheld terminal collectors, handheld bar code data terminals, data acquisition terminals, and so on. It is a bar code data collector that can read one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code.

IC card handheld terminal

The hand-held terminal with integrated contact/non-contact IC card reading and writing functions is called an IC card hand-held terminal, also called a hand-held IC card terminal, a hand-held IC card reader/writer, a hand-held IC card data collector, etc.

Mobile communication data terminal

The mobile communication data terminal is a name coined by the author and has not been seen yet. As the name suggests, the mobile communication data terminal is a handheld terminal that can realize mobile communication. Such a product is similar to a mobile phone, but unlike a mobile phone, it is mainly used because it has functions that some mobile phones do not have such as barcode scanning, IC card reading and writing, and the like. In some industry systems.


The reason why these three different products are put together is because these three products were previously civilian products. With the downturn of PDA in the civilian market, many PDA manufacturers have begun to vigorously expand the market for industrial applications, and have also driven the adoption of mobile phones and smart phones in the industrial market. A common feature of these three products used in the industry is the use of a common operating system, such as POCKET PC, PALM, SMARTPHONE, SYMBIAN, LINUX, Android, etc., with a large number of development groups.

Hand-held fingerprint acquisition terminal

The handheld fingerprint acquisition terminal refers to a handheld terminal that integrates fingerprint collection and comparison functions. The fingerprint hand-held terminal has the functions of fingerprint collection and identification, and is widely used in fields such as finance and banking where security requirements are high.

Meter reading machine

The meter reading machine strictly cannot be classified in this way, because the front products are classified according to the characteristics of the product itself, and the meter reading machine is classified according to the purpose, but the name of this hand-held terminal has always been this and has not changed. , so I also called it.

A meter reading machine is a hand-held terminal used for meter reading in public utilities (water, electricity, gas, and, later, heating). A meter reading machine for power meter reading usually incorporates an electric infrared function. The others are a hand-held terminal with only basic functions, and some have a bar code scanning function.