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- Mar 30, 2018 -

Application field


Typical tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal distribution, and development are worthwhile for the terminal distribution, drug distribution, large factory in-factory logistics, and logistics company warehouse to warehouse transportation of major commodity manufacturers.

According to different systems, the logistics system uses different hand-held terminal expansion functions. The main functions used are barcode scanning, contact/contactless IC card reading and writing, and 802.11b, Bluetooth data communication, and so on.

The handheld terminal can be used to collect dispatcher's waybill data, collect transit/warehouse data collection, and scan the waybill information through the 3G module directly to the back-end server through the scanning of express barcodes, and can also perform related business information query and other functions.

Three meter reading

In the foreseeable future, this is a relatively large capacity market.

The extended functions integrated in the meter reading machine of the three-sheet meter reading mainly include power infrared, barcode scanning, and data communication.

Electricity industry meter reading needs:


Manual transcription is error-prone, time-consuming and laborious; manual card reading methods are illegible, and then the transcription of the data on the PC is error-prone. The meter reading personnel do not make estimates only at the scene, and cannot be accurately counted. Meter reading personnel are prone to occur for mature users. "Electrical power" greatly reduces the working efficiency in a manual operation.



With cameras, live pictures are shared in a timely manner, allowing managers to understand real-time conditions and strengthen decision-making. Using GPS positioning to ensure that inspections are in place; meter readers checking model numbers for records, you can easily and efficiently complete the work, while the electrical industry can be more precise statistics of power consumption.

Mobile government affairs, mobile policing

After the science and technology policing is not just a slogan, the technological content of police equipment is getting higher and higher. In particular, traffic police, patrol officers, and criminal police have begun to equip with mobile data devices. Handheld terminals are equipped to provide police with stronger tactics. Powerful enforcement of policing tools. In addition to policing, the current health, urban management, taxation, and other administrative departments have begun to try to use handheld terminals to regulate administrative services, while improving administrative efficiency.

The functions of handheld terminals used in mobile policing mainly include GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, and IC card reading and writing. In the future, it may also require fingerprint collection, comparison, and so on.

Mobile trading

When more and more transactions and the counter space can no longer meet the rapid transaction, or the trading venue itself lacks counters, only mobile transactions are selected, such as KFC, McDonald's, train tickets, stadium tickets, parking plant fees and so on.

Mobile trading may not have the same functions required for different situations. The various extension functions described in the first section may be used.


For example, the mobile insurance system and pension insurance are issued at home.

The mobile insurance system handheld terminal needs functions such as GPRS/CDMA data or SMS communication and so on. The hand-held terminal expansion functions required for the payment of pensions are mainly functions such as fingerprint collection and comparison.

Wireless ordering

Wireless ordering system for restaurants

The extension functions of the handheld terminal used in the wireless a la carte system mainly include 802.11b, Bluetooth data communication, etc.

Card Management

Used to manage various IC cards and contactless IC cards such as ID cards, membership cards, etc.

As the name implies, the card management is to manage various contact/non-contact IC cards, so the main extension function of the handheld terminal used therein is contact/contactless IC card reading and writing.

Patrol Management

It is mainly used for community security and patrols to regulate routes when performing patrol tasks. Handheld terminals for patrol management generally integrate information buttons.


Chain stores/stores/counters are used to collect and transmit data such as import, sales, storage, inventory, transfer, subscription, and membership management of stores.

The shoes and clothing ordering conference will be used for the wireless ordering of shoes and apparel industry. Orders will be made by scanning the bar code through the handheld terminal.

Occupied parking card

When the vehicle enters the berth, the license plate number and parking space of the vehicle are recorded on the POS machine, and the vehicle information is automatically stored in the database. When the vehicle is ready to leave the parking spot, the POS will also automatically call the owner a second list. The list will show a series of information such as the name of the parking lot, license plate number, parking time, charging standard, and actual charge amount. The amount actually paid by the owner is calculated automatically by the system based on the parking time of the vehicle to the nearest second.