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Four hard-line smart POS machine to get a mobile payment

- Nov 30, 2017 -

In the mobile Internet era, with the popularity of mobile phones and mobile intelligent terminals and the progress of payment methods, mobile payment has become a habit of people's daily life consumption. In the face of the hot Internet payment mode such as two-dimensional code payment and NFC payment, how do businesses meet consumers' demand for payment that keeps pace with the times? This of course is not the traditional POS can be harnessed, only a strong intelligent POS is the magic weapon of mobile payment.

Hard payment - an all-around power, easy to do mobile payment

Intelligent POS flexible fun Almighty payment set of magnetic card and IC card, NFC, scan code and other payment methods in one, WeChat, Alipay, Baidu wallet support, quick money, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other mainstream Internet payment. Can be said to be a machine in hand, businesses do not go according to the difference of the user's payment habits to a POS machine, card reader, bar code gun, detector etc.. The intelligent POS improves the business and customer's revenue and expenditure omni-directional experience.

Hard security - UnionPay certification, so that payment security is guaranteed

As an intelligent POS an ultimate security, only through UnionPay card acceptance terminals safety standard certification and acceptance of terminal product authentication, secret National Bureau of the commercial password products certification and other payment industry required certification, to fully ensure the information exchange and communication hardware of intelligent POS internal pathway in safety.

Hard functions: hard and soft, super function integration

Intelligent POS function is not limited to payment, in terms of hardware, the function of integrated thermal printer, barcode reader, camera and other modules, the function of highly integrated financial POS with a large screen PDA; in the system, the intelligent POS now mostly adopts the Android system, according to the business needs of the custom installation software a variety of industries from retail, catering to clothing, Chaodeng industry, flexible to provide various services for businesses in addition to the payment demand outside, such as order management, membership marketing, goods management, data query and so on.

Hard quality, stable and reliable, industry leading industry quality

In intelligent POS for businesses to provide payment security, data marketing and other services at the same time, in addition to its powerful integrated and secure payment authentication, but also needs a stable and reliable quality, reduce damage to the environment of the equipment, and reduce the late maintenance and updating costs, bring long-term value to the business.