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Finger print Technical brief

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Technical brief

The entire length of each stripe of the epidermis is covered with sweat gland pores and is fixed on the dermis by two rows of nail-like protrusions or nipple-like protrusions. Some wounds such as burns, abrasions, or cuts on the epidermis do not affect the structure of the striae or change the nipple-like nipples on the dermis. The original texture is reproduced on any newly growing skin. However, any trauma that destroys the nipple-like protrusions on the dermis will permanently erase the fingerprints.

Any textured area of the hand or foot can be used to identify the identity. Fingerprinting, however, is superior to other parts of the body because fingerprinting takes the least amount of time and effort, and the type of fingerprint (conspicuous outline or shape) is easy to classify and facilitate archiving.