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Equipment component of POS terminal

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Equipment component

Pos machine components

In addition to the hardware, the complete set of POS machines requires a set of software for receiving payments. Software includes functions such as entry, sales, statistics, printing, cash box control, etc. It is actually a small-scale database application software for specific purposes.

POS sub-brand POS and DIYPOS. The price of DIYPOS is relatively low, because the different peripherals used have relatively different prices. The most recent POS price is between 3000~3500. DIYPOS and PC are different, different chassis, different monitors, etc. Can achieve POS function, the computer connected to the POS peripherals, you can achieve POS function, but the style is ugly.

Outside POS:

Customer display, divided into two LED and VFD - is for the customer to see the amount received, change amount.

Bill Printer - A printer that prints receipts. There are two kinds of needle printers and thermal printers. The price of needle printers is relatively high. Prices range from 300 yuan to 500 yuan. Printers less than 300 yuan should not be bought. The failure rate is high.

Card reader - The equipment for brushing magnetic cards is mainly used for membership points and store members' stored value.

Scanning equipment - equipment scanning bar code, scanning gun and laser platform from the point of view, it is recommended to use a scanning gun, scanning transmitter is divided into two kinds of infrared and laser, infrared called CCD.