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Development of POS terminal

- Mar 15, 2018 -


The domestic Internet-based innovative third-party payment companies have integrated the electronic signature application with the POS credit card system to achieve a green, paperless POS acquiring service. The application of electronic signatures can not only save time, money and paper, but also help improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction, simplify business processes and improve work efficiency. By paying for the provided electronic signature application, there is no need to upload a small ticket, which not only avoids extra workload, but also evades the loss of the authenticity of the transaction due to the loss of the small ticket, and the loss that cannot be settled for the merchant. Behind the electronic signature of the payment is a series of digital “anti-counterfeiting”, which can prevent the cardholder’s signature from being stolen or tampered with.

Safety performance

On the basis of optimizing and upgrading the POS acquiring and control capabilities of enterprises, we will further protect consumer and cardholder information security and capital security rights from infringement. At the same time, the payment electronic signature application has close cooperation with the integrator to ensure that the electronic signature meets the requirements of the country’s “Electronic Signature Law” and thus has absolute legal effect.