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Decoding technology of POS terminal

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Decoding technology

Server decoding

That is, a dialer is connected in front of the pos machine. The purpose is to change the number of the telephone line number so that the data after arriving at the UnionPay or banking system is the number of your registered POS machine, so that the fixed POS can be in the field or Can be used anywhere, and then pass information to the bank. This method, in general, the server, is simple to set up, mainly to use its transparent transmission technology to modify the phone number.

Pos decoder

Is a slap box, can be used for all fixed pos decoding, need to have a fixed phone line in the local POS machine, a bank is bound, one is not bound, and then with the dialer switch Your machine can be used throughout the country. Since the cost of this equipment is not high, the cost of decoding is relatively low. Due to the use of fixed-line transmission, the loss of signal is small, and secondly, there is no risk because the data is sent to the bank with a bound number. In general, prices are generally stable. More used at this stage.

Background decoding

Is the need to enter the background of the machine, change the parameters, this method first has the machine itself has a background channel, followed by access to the background parameters of the password and password. However, some machines cannot be changed even if they are in the background. There are only other ways to decode them.

The easiest way, but it's hard to decode people without real skills. The disadvantage of this decoding is the need to change the parameters of the POS machine, you can simply think about it, change the hazards of the POS machine parameters.

Psam and sam card

This bank puts a key set inside the machine with all the parameters of the system. Newer machines have this setup. This professional person who does not have professional knowledge and professional equipment is no way to decode the general bank only.

One point in total, must not change the parameters of the POS itself, otherwise it is equivalent to losing the watermelon with sesame seeds. Second, the control right after decoding is in your own hands. If others can turn off your decoding at any time, it's even more important if you can read your signal and encounter malicious elements. The loss is very bad. If the bank system is upgraded or how Your POS is finished. More importantly, it is not possible to easily give POS to others, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.