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barcode scanner overview

- Jan 05, 2018 -

General bar code products generally by the prefix part, manufacturer code, product code and check code. Commodity bar code prefix code is used to identify the country code, Fu code in the International Article Numbering Association, such as 00-09 on behalf of the United States, Canada. 45,49 for Japan. 69 on behalf of mainland China, 471 on behalf of Taiwan, 489 on behalf of the Hong Kong SAR. The manufacturer's code is empowered on the item code organization in each country or region, and China is given the manufacturer's code by the National Article Numbering Center. Commodity code is used to identify the product code, Fuxing production by the production company to exercise their own, product bar code. The last barcode of the product barcode is used to check the correctness of the 1-12 digit code from the left of the barcode of the product. Commodity bar code is a set of rules arranged by the bar, empty and its corresponding character identifier, used to indicate the symbol of a certain product information. The bar is dark, light is empty, for bar code reading equipment scanning and reading. Its corresponding characters by a group of Arabic numerals for people to read directly or through the keyboard to the computer to enter data to use. This set of bars and the corresponding characters represent the same message.

Bar code technology, with the computer and information technology development and application of the birth, it is a set of coding, printing, identification, data acquisition and processing in a new technology.

The use of bar code scanning is the general trend of market circulation. In order to make the goods freely and extensively circulated around the world, enterprises must follow the rules of the product bar code management whether they are designing, applying for registration or using product bar codes.