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Application of Bar Code Technology in Logistics Standardization

- May 16, 2018 -

Application of Bar Code Technology in Logistics Standardization

Introduction: Modern logistics is a brand-new industry that is supported by new technologies and new ideas under the conditions of highly developed market economy, including information, transportation, warehousing, financial settlement, etc., and emphasizes scientificity, advancedness, and systematicness. Coordination.

Modern logistics is a brand-new industry produced under the conditions of a highly developed market economy with the support of new technologies and concepts, including information, transportation, warehousing, and financial settlement. It emphasizes scientificity, advancedness, systematicness, and coordination. . With the popularization and application of information technology and the development of e-commerce, while realizing the rapid transformation from traditional logistics to modern logistics, the logistics industry has also been mentioned to an unprecedented height, and has increasingly shown its important role in the development of social economy. And strategic position.

Logistics standardization refers to logistics as a large system, formulating technical standards for system internal facilities, machinery and equipment, and special tools, as well as various standards for operations such as packaging, warehousing, loading and unloading, transportation, and logistics information standards that are the salient features of modern logistics. Form a standardized system that is in line with the national and international standards.

In the past ten years, the development speed of the logistics industry in China has been quite alarming and has become a new growth point for China's economy. In the large-scale actual operation stage, when the digitization, standardization, and automation of logistics information become more and more important, the effective use of logistics information will also become a key factor in improving the overall efficiency and saving the overall cost.

Bar code application

A bar code is a group of bars and blank symbols arranged according to a certain coding rule, used to represent certain characters\numbers and symbols. Bar code technology is an automatic identification technology developed and developed in computer applications. It uses photoelectric scanning reading devices to implement code data input into computers. It is designed for automatic scanning of information, and is an effective means for fast, accurate, and reliable data collection. The application of bar code technology solved the "bottleneck" problem of data input and data acquisition, and provided favorable technical support for modern logistics. Barcode technology has a wide range of applications in the sale of goods settlement systems, inventory systems, sorting and sorting systems, distribution and transportation system logistics use. Due to the advantages of low cost, rapid and accurate data collection, simple operation, and low error rate, the use of barcode technology has been widely used in supply chain management control and modern logistics information systems.

Standard status

Logistics standards refer to the logistics standards as a large system, formulating the technical standards of the system's internal facilities, machinery and equipment, and special tools, as well as the operation standards and management standards for various operations such as packaging, handling, transportation, and distribution, and highlighting it as a modern logistics. The characteristics of the logistics information standards and the formation of a national and international standardization system to promote the development of the logistics industry. The role of logistics standardization is self-evident, it can unify the concept of domestic logistics, standardize logistics companies, improve logistics efficiency, and make domestic logistics and international standards, is the basis for logistics development. International logistics barcode involves a wide range, so the relevant standards are also more.

Promotion suggestion

In recent years, the state and relevant departments have attached great importance to the development of logistics standardization, put forward the ideas and objectives of logistics standardization in China, and established a logistics standard system with the main structure of “logistics technology, logistics information, logistics management, and logistics services”. . The author believes that in order to promote the standardization of uniform item codes and applications in logistics, the logistics department and related companies should do several things:

First, the logistics industry is a cross-industry, many professional and technical fields involved in the production of services, the development of the state's logistics industry will break the boundaries of the department, the boundaries of the partition.

The second is to intensify the promotion of logistics standardization. Through publicity, enterprises and industries can see the huge economic and social benefits brought about by the implementation of logistics standardization, and actively participate in the construction of logistics standardization for the long-term development of industries and enterprises.

Third, logistics companies must first adopt national standards when building an information system, and perform reasonable coding according to relevant national standards.

Fourth, the logistics administration department should use the standardization of logistics information as one of the normative management contents of logistics enterprises, and actively guide enterprises to adopt logistics standardization.

Finally, it is hoped that the standardized management and article coding agencies will proactively provide relevant technical services for enterprises, guide and help enterprises to correctly understand and apply the logistics bar code standards, and solve the difficulties encountered by enterprises in coding and practical applications.