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Agricultural IoT boosts the transformation and development of the Shala Demonstration Zone

- May 15, 2018 -

Agricultural IoT boosts the transformation and development of the Shala Demonstration Zone

Introduction: In the tea plantation base of the Provincial Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone in Shale County, Yuexi County, local township and village officials introduced and demonstrated a scenario for the Internet of Things application in the tea garden.

With a click of the mouse, the growth of the tea tree, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and light can be seen at a glance; if you pick up the phone, you will be able to “point to point” the remote command, and the network will be able to invite experts to remotely guide...

Since March this year, in the tea plantation base of the Provincial Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone in Shale County, Yuexi County, local township and village cadres have visited and inspected people from all walks of life to present and demonstrate a scene of the application of the Internet of Things.

There are various sensors in the demonstration area base, which can monitor (monitor) the temperature, humidity, total light radiation, negative oxygen ions, wind direction, air pressure, and tea growth in the tea growing environment in real time. These “gadgets” in the tea plantation "It has also become a beautiful scenery of Shuixi Village, the country's ten most beautiful villages. The sensor collects data on tea growth, tea plantation environment and other data in real time, and transmits it to the agricultural IoT management and control platform through the network. The staff can analyze climate and soil ecological factors without leaving the house, and timely release operating instructions to achieve automatic irrigation. Precision fertilization, pest control and other work, improve tea garden management efficiency, reduce production costs, improve tea quality and efficiency.

The IoT construction personnel introduced that the Internet of Things consists of a monitoring network and irrigation network. The monitoring network consists of an environmental monitoring system, 20 real-time monitoring domes, 7 network infrared domes and 7 service platforms, covering more than 1,000 acres of tea plantation bases and irons, such as Punkou, Tietan, Dashan, Zhangye, Minamata, Fanpu, etc. Beach tea trading market, Dashan tea factory. Irrigation network consists of tea garden water and fertilizer integrated irrigation system and remote control system. It is installed in the core base of National Standard Tea Garden of Shuibu Village and covers more than 50 households of tea gardens in three village groups of Cui Chong, Datang and Dawu.

The County Agriculture Commission expert told the author that the project construction application has improved the tea industry's material and equipment level in the demonstration area, integrated and promoted key technologies such as Tea Internet of Things, water and fertilizer integration, quality traceability of agricultural products, pollution-free tea garden management, agricultural condition monitoring, etc., and could promote tea plantations. Save water, save fertilizer, reduce production costs, achieve quality improvement, and increase income by 500 yuan or more. Tea plantation installed clairvoyant, implementation of the source of quality traceability, the formation of a management system from the tea plantation management to a more complete quality assurance system, so that consumers drink comfortable, happy to buy.

It is understood that the tea plantation network and water and fertilizer integration system in the Shala Demonstration Area will be implemented by the Yuexi County Water Wheel and Recreation Tourism Co., Ltd. The project will have a total investment of 700,000 yuan, of which 300,000 will be funded by the central government's pilot integrated production and development projects for secondary and tertiary industries. Yuan, the construction fund of provincial modern agricultural demonstration zone of 15,000 yuan, and self-raised funds of 260,000 yuan. The construction content of the project includes tea video monitoring system, tea plantation production environment monitoring system, water and fertilizer integrated sprinkler irrigation system, mobile phone APP terminal system and IOT management service platform construction.

The construction of the Internet of Things in the demonstration area is conducive to perfecting the traceability system of tea gardens, improving the level of tea quality testing, and improving the quality and brand benefits of tea gardens. At the same time, it provides a beautiful landscape for beautiful rural construction and leisure agriculture tourism, and promotes tea industry production and processing in demonstration areas. The integration of leisure tourism development, promotion of industrial efficiency, employment of poor households, and accelerated transformation and upgrading of demonstration areas.