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4G communication Technology----Series (1)

- Jan 15, 2018 -

1).From a technical standard point of view, according to the definition of ITU, the static transmission rate reaches 1Gbps, and users can reach 100Mbps under the high-speed moving state, which can be one of the technologies of 4G.

From an operator's point of view, 4G requires higher data throughput, lower latency, lower construction and operation and maintenance costs, higher authentication capabilities and security, in addition to its compatibility with existing networks Ability to support multiple QoS levels.

2).From a convergence point of view, 4G means more participants, more technologies, industries, applications integration, is no longer confined to the telecommunications industry, but also can be used in finance, healthcare, education, transportation and other industries; communication terminal can do More things, such as multimedia communications except voice communications, remote control, etc .; perhaps LAN, Internet, telecommunications networks, radio networks, satellite networks, etc. can be integrated into a network coverage, no matter what terminal is used Can enjoy high-quality information services, to broadband wireless and wireless broadband evolution, 4G penetration into all aspects of life.

3).From the user's point of view, 4G can provide users with faster speed and meet more needs of users. The reason why mobile communications from analog to digital, from 2G to 4G and future xG evolution, the most fundamental driving force is the user needs from wireless voice services to wireless multimedia services change, thus stimulating operators in order to improve ARPU, open up new band support The continued growth in subscriber numbers, more efficient spectrum utilization and lower operating costs have forced a transformational transformation.

Therefore, 4G describes the following two different but overlapping concepts:

High-speed mobile phone networks, the speed of ADSL as computer network bandwidth, a second up to 10 Mbit or more. This concept has been used to describe wireless networks. It is also the vision of the current successful 3G system providers.

One of the more abstract terms for Pervasive Network technology is the "diffuse", "amorphous", "whole" wireless technology that allows users to fully integrate into the system. The concept also includes Smart Radio technology and can achieve higher spectrum use and transmit power. In addition, you can filter, transfer a large number of messages.